A note from my experience

There's nothing more incredible than finding the one person you can't live without. Your true best friend. Whether we adventure somewhere beautiful together or explore the intimacy of your own home, I want to capture the true versions of you. Don't hold back. You only get this moment once. You be you, I'll be me. Let's create something real. Capturing true love with all its flaws, not the idea of some kind of boring perfection. When it comes to my approach, I channel every image through the lens of the love. If you're looking for a photographer who relishes the polished + proper portraits, then you've come to the wrong place. I'm all about the in-between moments; I thrive in the details. I'm Vikas Alagarsamy IF YOU LIKE UNCONVENTIONAL, HONEST, RAW, AND REAL PHOTOS, I'M YOUR PERSON. My heart is to always give what I believe is most important for you to receive. Let's focus on what means most to you. That's how we tick. Snoop around our site and insta-feed to see if this could be a match (we hope it is!).

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